3 Silly Reasons Americans Put Off Switching to Solar Power

Solar power has reached a tipping point in the United States, as Americans from coast to coast are making this financially sound move to photovoltaic power.

So why isn’t everyone going solar?

Switching to Solar Power

Given the many advantages of installing a photovoltaic system, why are some Americans waiting to take the plunge? Most of the laggards cite three common reasons, but the logic isn’t sound.

Myth No. 1: Solar Power Savings Are Overestimated

Save thousands of dollars per year on electricity bills for the rest of your life? Bring your home energy costs down to zero? Cut the purse strings with the utility company?

All of that sounds unbelievable, and for some people, that’s reason enough to put off making the switch to solar power. After all, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right?

Skeptics question the potential savings from installing a home PV system, but research has proven time and again that going solar brings homeowners and business owners major financial benefits. This isn’t a theory — it’s reality.

Anyone who is suspicious of the savings should schedule a consultation with a local photovoltaic contractor. Seeing a breakdown of the numbers should put any doubts to rest.

Myth No. 2: Better Solar Power Technology Is Just Around the Corner

Once a week — or so it seems — another company announces an incredible innovation in solar technology. New photovoltaic materials, more efficient PV modules, better ways to harvest the sun’s energy — the list goes on.

Believing that all of these improved solar components will hit the market soon, some would-be solar power adopters think it makes sense to wait to install their PV array.

The problem here is that many scientific discoveries — including ways to improve on photovoltaic technology — never come to fruition. And any that do make it into production won’t hit the consumer market for years.

Today’s PV technology is tried and true. Sure, someone might invent a better mousetrap some day. But every day you wait for that to arrive is a day of paying full price for your home electricity.

Myth No. 3: Solar Power Costs Keep Dropping

Over the last several decades, the cost of installing a PV system has dropped dramatically. Today’s low pricing has spurred many customers to make the switch to photovoltaic power.

Other would-be solar converts see the falling prices differently. They believe that the cost of going solar will be even cheaper next year — or definitely the year after that.

But that’s highly unlikely at this point. While PV equipment and installation costs could continue to decline slightly, a significant price drop isn’t likely. And since financial incentives for going solar are steadily disappearing, the out-of-pocket cost for a photovoltaic system may increase over the next few years.

Have you been putting off your solar energy system installation? Get the ball rolling today with Intermountain Wind & Solar, a leading photovoltaic provider in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada. To schedule a free solar power consultation, contact us today.

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