4 Reasons to Adopt Commercial Solar Power Now

Commercial solar power offers several significant benefits to businesses throughout the Intermountain West. In fact, this technology is quickly becoming a popular investment for savvy business owners.

commercial solar power

Could investing in a photovoltaic project be the right move for your company? When you check out the advantages of going solar, you may just be convinced.

No. 1: Commercial Solar Power Cuts Electricity Costs

How much do you pay the utility company for your facility’s electricity? Hundreds of dollars each month? Thousands?

With a commercial photovoltaic installation, those costs are drastically reduced. You may even be able to eliminate your electricity bills. You’ll enjoy free energy from the sun, while your competitors remain under the expensive thumb of the utility company.

No. 2: Commercial Solar Power Comes with Tax Benefits

What business owner doesn’t love tax breaks?

Install a commercial photovoltaic system, and your company will be able to claim the federal solar tax credit — a whopping 30 percent of your total photovoltaic costs.

Some Intermountain West states also offer tax credits for solar installations, and local incentives may be available for businesses in some areas. Claim all of them, and your company may not have to pay Uncle Sam as much — or at all — next year.

No. 3: Commercial Solar Increases Property Values

What if you decide to expand your company in the future and need to move to a different location?

A commercial photovoltaic panel system is a solid investment, because it increases your property value. When it comes time to sell your building, your solar installation can help fetch you a higher price.

As a bonus, you may find that your building doesn’t linger on the market for too long. Properties powered by solar energy are attractive to buyers and investors, so yours could sell more quickly than an equivalent building without a solar energy system.

No. 4: Commercial Solar Offers a Public Relations Boost

A commercial photovoltaic system can also be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Once your photovoltaic installation is scheduled, you can start sending out press releases and get your business in the news. You can also spread the word on social media. As time goes on, you can continue to reap the benefits of this free publicity by sending out photovoltaic project updates.

But the public relations boost goes even further. Your company will be considered eco-friendlier than competitors who haven’t gone solar — an important distinction for many of your potential customers.

Customers who aren’t as concerned with the environment will also respect your business acumen in switching to solar power. Saving your company a lot of money and establishing energy independence puts you in a savvy financial light.

Are you ready to explore your photovoltaic installation options? Intermountain Wind & Solar offers complimentary consultations to business owners throughout the Intermountain West. Contact us today to discuss commercial solar power for your company.

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