Commercial Solar Offers Big Savings Potential for Hotels

Could commercial solar power be the answer to decreasing energy expense in the hospitality industry?

commercial solar

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, hotels across the country spend more than $8 billion every year on energy. Commercial photovoltaic power has the potential to create significant savings for hotels, since covering even a portion of electricity costs with free energy from the sun could massively lower operating expenses.

Why Commercial Solar Is Well-Suited for Hotels

Unlike some types of commercial buildings, electricity makes up a large part of the operational expenses at most hotels. Hotels continuously run air conditioning or heating to maintain guest comfort. Also, indoor and outdoor lighting are in use 24 hours a day, all year long.

Solar panel installations can offset much of this necessary energy consumption, allowing hotels to drastically cut utility bills. Photovoltaic systems have an attractive rate of return on investment (ROI) for hotel owners. Many convenient financing options are available, and thanks to the federal solar tax credit and other state and local financial incentives, commercial installations are more affordable today than ever before.

Commercial Solar Installation Options for Hotels

Many hotels have large, flat roofs that are ideal for commercial solar installations. But not every property is right for a rooftop PV array, as some roofs cannot bear the additional weight. Hotel roofs may also be crowded with vents and other equipment, or have shading issues from nearby buildings and trees.

Hotels with unsuitable rooftops can opt for a ground-mounted solar array, installed on an unused portion of sunny land. One of the most popular alternatives to commercial rooftop arrays involves mounting photovoltaic panels on carports, parking garage and shade structures. These alternative PV installations can be just as effective at producing energy and can be designed to integrate well with the look of the hotel property.

Commercial Solar Provides Marketing Advantages for Hotels

Today’s energy-savvy consumers are interested in supporting businesses that are considerate of the environment. Solar power is a renewable form of energy that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels or create greenhouse gas emissions. And by installing photovoltaic systems, hotel owners can market their properties as eco-friendly.

Many consumers are drawn to businesses that are environmentally responsible, and hotels that adopt solar power can use that fact for a marketing advantage. Sustainability helps to attract guests, particularly in the corporate sector where green travel practices are growing in popularity.

Intermountain Wind & Solar offers a variety of photovoltaic power system options to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. For more information on commercial solar for hotels in Utah, Colorado, Idaho or Wyoming, contact us to schedule a professional consultation.

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