Will Rooftop Commercial Solar Energy Work for Your Business?

A rooftop commercial solar energy system is a wise investment for almost any business. Generating your own energy not only saves money but also protects your company against future electricity rate hikes. And those are far from the only benefits of switching to photovoltaic power.

rooftop commercial solar energy

Unfortunately, not every building is well-suited for a rooftop solar panel system. How can you determine whether your building can work for a photovoltaic installation, and what can you do if a rooftop commercial solar installation isn’t an option?

Rooftop Solar Can Be Installed on Most Commercial Buildings

If your building is like most industrial, warehouse, agricultural, retail and manufacturing facilities, a rooftop solar panel system should be a good fit. Most of these commercial buildings have large, flat roofs with plenty of space for mounting photovoltaic panels.

However, a rooftop photovoltaic installation might not work if your roof is crowded with vents and equipment — there may not be enough room, or shade from the obstacles could block the sun. In addition, some older roofs may not be able to bear the added weight of a solar panel system.

Alternatives to a Rooftop Commercial Solar System

When a rooftop isn’t right for a solar panel system, businesses have other options for switching to photovoltaic power.

A photovoltaic shade awning or parking lot canopy can generate electricity, and both are good choices for space-strapped properties. Businesses with enough space can also consider a ground-mounted commercial photovoltaic installation.

Benefits of Installing a Commercial Solar Panel System

Regardless of whether a rooftop photovoltaic installation works for your business’s building or you need to go with a different type of commercial solar panel system, you can expect several benefits.

Saving money on utility bills and becoming less vulnerable to energy rate hikes are two of the biggest advantages, of course, but they aren’t the only ones. Once you switch to photovoltaic power, your business will be eligible for lucrative tax incentives that can save you thousands. Your property value will also increase, which may be advantageous if you decide to sell. Plus, your solar panel system can give you a big public relations boost and send more customers your way.

If your business is in one of the Intermountain West states — Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming or Nevada — and you want expert advice on making the switch to photovoltaic power, consult with the professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar.

As the region’s leading commercial and residential photovoltaic provider with a 10-year history of exceptional service, Intermountain Wind & Solar has the expertise to design an efficient, cost-effective, ground-mounted or rooftop commercial solar power system for any Intermountain West business. To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us today.

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