What Is a Solar Carport? And Should You Install One?

Essentially, a solar carport is a just like any other open-sided parking shelter, except that the surface is covered in photovoltaic panels.

Why would you want to install a solar carport?

Solar Carport

One compelling reason is that these innovative structures offer numerous benefits to both businesses and homeowners. But that’s only one reason solar carports are becoming more popular across the Intermountain West.

Solar Carports are Big for Businesses

Why not put the parking lot to work creating free electricity? That’s the question more and more companies are asking, and the reason the concept of the solar carport is really taking off among Intermountain West business owners.

However, businesses aren’t just installing carports to harness the sun’s energy. The real attractions are the side benefits these structures offer.

A carport keeps vehicles cooler during the sweltering summer months, which is a definite advantage, given that summers have been getting hotter. Plus, during rainy and snowy weather, a carport offers drivers additional protection against the elements.

Homeowners Benefit from Solar Carports

Intermountain West homeowners are installing solar panels on carports for the same reasons — free electricity and shelter from the elements.

However, homeowners aren’t just using these structures for their cars. Some install a carport as a photovoltaic-powered shelter for boats and other recreational vehicles. Others use them for backyard shade or as a pool cabana.

For homeowners, the installation options are seemingly endless.

Is a Solar Carport Right for Your Home or Business?

When compared to rooftop and ground-mounted PV projects, installing photovoltaic panels on a carport can be more expensive. The added cost is primarily due to the extra materials and labor required to construct the framework.

If your rooftop isn’t suitable for photovoltaic panels, a solar carport could be a good alternative to a ground-mounted system. You’ll get a source of free electricity as well as usable, protected space underneath.

Whether a carport installation is right for you depends on your specific circumstances and photovoltaic project goals. Given the advantages, however, adding solar modules on a carport is often a good investment, and well worth the extra cost.

Many professional PV contractors in the Intermountain West don’t offer installation of photovoltaic systems on carports. To evaluate your best option for residential or commercial PV power, you’ll need to choose a contractor that provides a full range of solar installation services.

Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading professional PV contractor, has extensive experience with rooftop, ground-mounted and hybrid photovoltaic systems. And we’re one of the few companies that provides solar carport installation throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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